Diversified Product’s LL-15-4000 is an energized line attachment that increases derrick or crane utilization on the jobsite. It allows an energized conductor to be supported from a crane or boom truck during energized work.


The LL-15-4000 consists of a main structural fiberglass member with steel weldments bonded into both ends, providing attachment points for the wire holder and the line lifter to the crane boom tip. The fiberglass assembly is not sealed. The line lifter has conductive bands inside and outside and a gradient control device (corona ring). Conductive bands are for testing and monitoring leakage.


The LL-15-4000:

  • Allows an energized bundle to be supported from a crane during energized work
  • The bundle is supported in a position similar to its normal location


  • Capacity 4,000 lb. vertical lift
  • Weighs 700 lbs.
  • Length 233″
  • Designed to 500kV
  • Clear span fiberglass length 15′
  • Line holder/ jib have angular adjustments


  • Capacity
  • Length
  • Bundle configurations
  • Voltage rating
  • Bucket attachment
  • Line holders