Remote-controlled grapple attachment for use in tree removal work.  Easily attaches to the end of a load line in less than 1 minute.  The self-contained hydraulic system eliminates the need to go out on limbs to set chokers.


Rig Em & Roll


  • Constructed of 100,000psi steel
  • Weight:  500lbs
  • Integrated check valves in cylinders
  • 24V battery capable of rigging/unrigging 60 limbs
  • 5500lb lifting capacity in any orientation up to 70° from horizontal
  • 6000lb lifting capacity for horizontal picks
  • Jaws close applying 1000psi for grabbing limbs up to 20in (51cm) in diameter
  • 400ft operating distance from remote to machine
Photos courtesy of Carroll Tree Service
Rig Em & Roll
Rig Em & Roll
Rig Em & Roll
Rig Em & Roll