OPAAT Transporter

Engineered to provide safety, durability, reliability, ease of serviceability and maximum performance for minimal downtime and optimized production


Client: Caterpillar

Location: Aurora, IL

Website: http://www.cat.com/equipment/wheel-loaders/large-wheel-loaders

Product Description: Moves a 30,000 lb wheel loader axle.  Can be pulled by a towveyor system, a tow tractor or a Power Pusher from either end.  Axle can be raised and lowered with an air-powered system to ergonomically suit different operators

Diversified Services Provided:

  • Product Design (Mechanical, Structural, Hydraulic, Electric & Controls)
  • Component Selection
  • Hand Calculations
  • Component Testing
  • Prototype Testing
  • Purchasing
  • Cost Monitoring
  • Production Space
  • Manpower for Pre-production Units
  • Providing information for product manuals
  • Patent Advice
  • Built 5

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