The LiftWise brand includes multiple models of fall-arrest man baskets, material handling products and the Rig Em&Roll.  Our man baskets are designed for accessing high-reach maintenance areas and offer quick attachments to boom trucks, service cranes, knuckleboom cranes and digger derricks.  All provide a convenient, safe alternative to renting aerial lifts, using ladders or climbing on equipment. 

The material handling products vary from extensive to small-scale specialty equipment.  Many of these products are job specific in order to increase productivity and job safety.

The RigEm&Roll is a remote-controlled grapple attachment for use in tree removal work.  The self-contained hydraulic system eliminates the need to go out on limbs.


Yoke Man Basket


Single Man Basket


Rotating Man Basket

Test Weights

Test Weights


Rig Em & Roll

Industrial Products

Material Handling

Lombardi Versatile Lift Platform

Lombardi Versatile Lift Platform

Custom Man Basket

Custom Man Basket

Diversified Man Basket Tri-Fold Brochure